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Augmented Reality Services

Location-based AR, destination experiences

Location-based augmented reality transforms your physical surroundings by seamlessly integrating tailored digital content into specific real-world locations. By using AR-capable devices like smartphones or AR glasses, you can point your device at a spot, and digital elements such as animated images, sounds, or 3D models will appear in that exact location.

Imagine the dry fountain at Pershing Square Park, which our Concrete Oasis app magically revitalized! Or, when exploring a historic city, simply point your smartphone at an old building, and our app can reveal historical photos, fascinating facts, or even animated reconstructions of its past appearance.

This geospatial AR technology encourages community connections and a sense of togetherness, creating shared experiences that unite people in collective discovery. It’s all about delivering context-specific information and interactive experiences directly linked to your physical location.

Unleash the potential of location-based augmented reality in tourism, education, storytelling, and enriching real-world exploration by seamlessly layering digital content onto your physical environment. Join us on a limitless journey of imagination.

Mobile AR Applications

At Impact Immersive, we’re experts in creating custom augmented reality (AR) mobile apps tailored to drive effective change for your organization. Custom AR apps communicate your public outreach message anytime, anywhere. They create an immersive experience accessible through your mobile device, by blending the real world with digital elements, like interactive 3D models or animated graphics.

Our custom AR apps offer a range of benefits:

  • Impactful Storytelling: We specialize in transforming your complex messages into interactive, visually captivating experiences that resonate with your audience.
  • Enhanced Engagement: AR captivates your audience, immersing them in your mission, making it more memorable, and inspiring action.
  • Empowering Change: Our apps spark calls to action, prompt desired behavior changes, and provide a seamless, integrated experience aligned with your values and objectives.
  • Insights and Impact: By delving into user interactions and behaviors within the app, you gain deep insights into your audience’s preferences, engagement levels, and the tangible impact of your initiatives.

Picture a world where your vision comes to life in an immersive reality, leaving a lasting impact and propelling your mission forward.  Let’s redefine what’s possible and create experiences that truly matter.

Social Media Filters

Social media filters are captivating digital overlays that add a touch of magic to photos and videos shared on social platforms, such as Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram.  They let users play with their appearance, express their individuality,, and engage with content in a fun and interactive way.

With Impact Immersive’s custom-designed augmented reality filters, organizations step into the spotlight on social media. By embedding unique visual elements and tailored messages into these filters, your brand gains a memorable and distinctive presence. Users don’t just witness your story; they actively become a part of it. This fosters a personal and profound connection with your brand or campaign, transforming passive viewers into active participants.

This strengthens the connection between your organization and its audience, fueling social sharing, and extending the reach of your message. Impact Immersive’s AR social media filters don’t just engage your audience; they turn them into brand advocates, spreading your message and creating a vibrant, connected community.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

Educational Collaborations

At Impact Immersive, we are dedicated to expanding the horizons of young learners through augmented reality (AR) education. Our collaborations with educational institutions and nonprofit organizations aim to bring the transformative power of AR to those who may not have had access before.

By empowering youth with AR skills and knowledge, we provide them with the tools to create their own immersive experiences. Through these educational partnerships, we strive to bridge the opportunity gap and inspire a new generation of creators and innovators.

Together, we can unlock the potential of young minds, foster inclusion, and shape a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive in the exciting world of AR.

Augment your Reality, Impact the World

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