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We connect purpose-driven organizations to their community by engaging hearts and minds with the persuasive power of Augmented Reality (AR).

We Know You care deeply.

And we understand how important it is for you to connect meaningfully with your community. That’s why we specialize in building heartfelt connections between your story and the communities that you serve.

We reach beyond the status quo to transform traditional communications. Transforming communications into interactive experiences with augmented reality that captivate, educate, and motivate social change in moving and enchanting ways.

It’s easy not to care. We make it hard not to.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that combines the real world with computer-generated elements. It overlays digital information, such as images, 360° sound, or 3D models, onto the physical world, typically through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or specialized AR glasses.

Because virtual elements appear as if they are part of the physical environment, it allows users to interact with and manipulate virtual objects in real-time and 3D-space. These enhancements can provide valuable information, enjoyable entertainment, or unlock new educational possibilities.

Do you feel your education methods are outdated and not making the impact you want to make with your communities?

Or maybe you find you are spending a lot of money on public outreach programs but don’t see the value return?

In this attention economy, do you feel like it’s hard to be seen or, worse, left behind?

Perhaps you want to be seen as a trendsetter...

We work with progressive organizations:
non-profits, social enterprises, and municipalities who dream big and want to change the world.

Imagine a world where everyone can follow their dreams and be fully self-expressed. A world accessible to all people, inspiring generations to live in harmony with each other and the ecosystems that sustain all of life.

“We create immersive experiences that impact hearts and minds”

Imagine together, we could create a limitless new reality. One where we are profoundly connected to ourselves, the planet, and each other.

Case Studies


Concrete Oasis

Augmented reality will transform Pershing Square Park into a flourishing oasis. AR Experiences will be installed throughout the park that will educate the public about the water crisis, including facts about LA’s water sources, the devastating impact on ecosystems when water is diverted from its natural flow, and revolutionary water technologies.

It’s designed to inspire collective action toward a sustainable water future.



Flowrish is a mobile app that helps local residents visualize native plants placed in their landsapce, seen with augmented reality.

By replacing non-native species with native ones, our water supply can be maximized, the ecosystem can be restored, and native species can return to thrive. This helps to heal the watershed and puts the flow back into the rivers.


Emergent Virtues

Emergent Virtues was an AR networking app designed to incite conversation about potential futures shaped by emerging technologies. Participant badges included a QR code that when scanned displayed an object representing one of six virtues necessary for society to create a positive future. 

To encourage interaction with each other, participants were prompted to collect all six objects, or virtues. The day concluded with a panel discussion among the creators of the objects representing the six virtues.

Benefits of Augmented Reality for Public Outreach

The immersive quality of augmented reality drives empathy, enhances learning and enjoyment, and makes a powerful tool for positive impact.

AR creates a highly engaging and immersive experience by overlaying digital content onto the real world–captivating users’ attention and curiosity, making learning and storytelling more compelling. It engages more of the senses, enabling users to explore and interact with virtual worlds, fostering a deep sense of engagement and connection.

AR has the potential to drive behavior change by evoking empathy. Through virtual simulation, users can witness the consequences of their actions or explore real-world challenges. By experiencing these impacts viscerally, Individuals become inspired to try new behaviors, make informed decisions, and take action towards positive change. Changes such as adopting sustainable practices or embracing empathy towards others.

With the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets, AR breaks down barriers, making AR inclusive and reaching a wide range of users. It eliminates the need for specialized hardware, making AR more convenient and readily available.

AR enhances learning by providing interactive, hands-on, and personalized learning opportunities. It enables students to visualize complex concepts, explore simulations, and engage in experiential learning. Studies have shown that AR can increase attention, motivation, and knowledge retention, making it a powerful tool to enhance learning outcomes.
Game mechanics, such as rewards, challenges, and progress tracking, add an element of fun and enjoyment to the user experience. Gamification enhances motivation, promotes active participation, and encourages users to explore and discover. Users spend more time engaging with the content, leading to deeper understanding and greater information retention.

Suzan Oslin

Suzan Oslin is an award-winning visionary leader in the augmented reality industry. She is a creative technologist with more than 30 years in design, technology, and team management at companies including Disney, Warner Brothers, and Technicolor. Suzan is passionate about bringing together diverse teams to create projects with a positive social impact.

Our Team

At Impact Immersive, collaboration is at the heart of our social mission. We embrace a networked approach, partnering with creators and vendors who bring specialized skills to your projects. This allows us to stay agile and efficient, while keeping costs affordable.

We understand that your success relies on adaptability. We thrive on embracing change and quickly responding to new challenges and opportunities. In our dynamic work environment, every team member has a sense of purpose, autonomy, and the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the positive social impact you’re committed to achieving.


Augment your Reality, Impact the World

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